Whipping Up Another Car Show

I’m getting ready to set up another car show, but this time it’ll be at my summer home in Beverly Hills. I’ll be inviting everyone who was invited last time, but if you want an invite and know who I am then feel free to shoot me an email on my personal or here through a contact form.

It’s getting pretty easy to do these car shows as I think I am getting a lot more experienced even though I haven’t hosted one for about a year and a half. The challenge is having one at my home.

Updates about George and I

George thought it would be tough, but honestly we just redesigned a new swimming pool so I wanted to show it off and incorporate it into the party somehow. It looks a lot like this:

New Swimming Pool

However, I think ours is a lot bigger. It has the whole rocky look and feel, but it’s more swimmable because you know George and I love doing laps in our pool.

As for using it at the party we could probably just let guests in it, but I want to do something more interesting such as a ATV’s for the kids. Emptying it out could be annoying, but it would be REALLY cool.

blue miraiAnyway, in addition to our Mazda MX-5 Milata and Nissan 370Z we decided to get a Mirai. It’s a dark blue– much like the color of the one I put right here. It’s definitely different from our typical car, but at least we’re trying to save the environment.

The Toyota Mirai isn’t too bad looking, but it’s not the sexiest thing in the world either because you know us. WE LOVE sleek cars. Hopefully, we won’t get stuck without power since there aren’t a lot of charging stations.

If you want to showcase YOUR Car

It’s going to be EXCITING. So, if you want your car in the show send George and I an email at valpocarshowdeluxe@yahoo.com. It’s not going to be as easy as emailing us, but we will send you an application.

In the past we highlighted more classic cars, but this show will be about newer cars and what is to come so we’ll definitely be showing our Mirai even though it isn’t as nice as the other cars on display.

We’ve decided we want to play a larger role in the community and also attempt to help guide the car industry as Valpo Car shows get’s larger.